William James

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"


Sea/Motion Sickness

Rediscover Calm Waters

I’m a sailor myself, having sailed off shore and circumnavigated in the Clipper Round The World Race 2007/08, which has afforded me a personal understanding of the mentality involved with sailing. I can help with seasickness/motion sickness, and the anxiety attached to these symptoms.

Sports Performance

A Happier, Healthier You

I’ve always been interested in all types of sports, whether it’s in a team, or by myself. The pressures facing an athlete may feel insurmountable, but with my help, you can rediscover your self-confidence and achieve your goals.


Find Your Peace of Mind

I have a wealth of personal experience in working in stressful environments, which has given me a keen insight into how this can affect people. I believe that I can help you - all it takes is for us to have a conversation and discover the cause of your anxiety, so that we can alleviate it.

Stop Smoking

Breathe Easy

Forgetting for a moment all the health benefits of living smoke free, nicotine withdrawal is a huge contributor to stress levels. Modern life is stressful enough as it is, but quitting doesn't have to be an impossible task - together we can find the right steps for you to take.

Public Speaking

Master Your Fear

Public speaking can be daunting for even the most extroverted people. If you're feeling anxious about an event or speech, we will find ways to free you from the worry and doubt. Become in control and discover how to enjoy the whole experience.

Driving Examinations

Reach Your Happy Place

Driving offers us a level of independence impossible to find elsewhere. Whether you're driving to meet with a new client, or driving to the beach with the family, having the confidence to get in your car when you need to can be incredibly liberating.

Weight Loss

Look as Good as You Feel

When we aren't happy with the way we look, this feeds into the way we feel about ourselves. I believe we all have the motivation within us to achieve our personal goals, and to find the confidence to love ourselves completely and openly.


Unlock Your Potential

In the world we live in today, it can be all too easy to doubt ourselves and put ourselves down. I believe we can work on this, and help you find that person that already exists within you - confident and in control.


Overcome Your Fears

Everyone experiences fear - it's a natural part of being human and avoiding danger or harm. Many phobias are learned responses, and as such, are susceptible to hypnotherapy. I'm here to help you overcome the fears that hold you back, and help you to trust yourself again.

Results may vary from person to person. Call me on 07377 597089 for a no-obligation chat, and find out what we can do to help you.


Dental Anxiety

Smile With Confidence

Smiling has been proven to increase happiness, so don't hold your smile back. Together we can work on ways to make a trip to the dentist something to look forward to.

Fear of Flying

Spread Your Wings

Do you struggle thinking about going on that well earned holiday, or getting to your next meeting? With your self belief, you'll be able travel freely and without reservation and get where you need to go.

Just Relaxing

A Safe Space

There doesn't have to be something specific to work on for hypnotherapy to be of benefit. Sometimes we just need a place to talk. Maybe you just want to practice meditation or mindfulness - hypnotherapy can help with all of this.


Your journey starts here

Our sessions will usually last just under an hour, but each person is very different and so I aim to make sure our programme is tailored just for you. Get in touch now and find out how I can help you.

£3 from every session booked is donated to a chosen charity. Our current chosen charity is CALM.


Initial Consultation

50-60 minutes

The most important part of helping you, is knowing you. This will be a relaxed, informal chat where we discuss what you want to work on.


Standard Session

50-60 minutes

In these sessions we will look at tools to help you rediscover your motivation, and start you on your journey of self improvement.



Up to 2 hours

The stresses that drive us to smoke can be overwhelming. Let's delve into these issues and find a solution, so you can live a healthier life.

Payment can be cash, PayPal or bank transfer. See Terms and Conditions for cancellation and refund policies.